Khonshu is the traveling moon god of the night sky. He is heavily featured in the Marvel IP Moon Knight where he bestows upon his servants powers to carry out his justice and vengeance. This was done as part of a group costume with Vani and Heba. Vani is the Moon Knight who dons the ceremonial armor of Khonshu and is the default agent of vengeance, Heba is Mrs. Knight, her own interpretation of the split ego of the Moon Knight.

At the inception of the idea I was extremely excited, I felt that I had most of what I needed to make it. On top of that, the character design of Khonshu includes a lot of flowing cloth which I have always been a big fan of. Wearing the costume was honestly quite cozy. My Judo pants and Karate gi were very spacious and comfortable to wear, the large sheet I draped over myself was also quite comforting. The two components that I didn’t quite enjoy wearing were the balaclava and the plague doctor’s mask. I couldn’t see ANYTHING out of that mask.

One thing in particular that I learned to do for this project was rudimentary styling for large fabrics. The way I styled it wasn’t quite sophisticated or complex. I was inspired by the look of Biblical shepherds in iconography, the way the cloth sits on the figures are interestingly graceful and mysterious. If I were to do the project again, I would spend even more time styling the large fabric, perhaps combining different pieces and textures to create an even more interesting look. I would also begin crafting and compiling materials even sooner, perhaps in August or September. There were some really cool high visibility bird skull masks on Etsy that would’ve been much more accurate, but unfortunately they take up to 5 weeks to ship so it was not feasible. I would also like to add lustrous aluminum and brass elements to further bring forth the more ethereal visage of Khonshu.