Making studio Final Project : Tic- Tac-Yo!

Our families may be in close proximity or far away, but even on the laziest days we don’t interact and take time out to be with them. My name is Rohitha, I am the maker of tic-tac-yo! – an interactive lamp which lets you play tic-tac-toe with the people you love. The idea behind it is to show appreciation and love by acknowledging and reciprocating your presence and taking out 0.10 seconds of your life to play the tic tac toe game.

The Product comes with 2 lamps – one for you and the other for your loved one! The lamp is to be placed in a busy environment of your life and it glows whenever one of the lamp owners plays a move.


Here is the google doc link for more information :

You can find the instructables link here:


For the video I want to make it like a making/advertisement video, so we have story where users are shown living busy lives and missing calls and texts from loved ones and not having time to even interact with a generous “hi”.

And then we see an alternate world where tic-tac-Yo! Is making the users feel present and loved because of a very small interaction with this product.

Use busy place noises to add more dramatic affect and then transform it into light and happy background music when using the product.
Show some smiles at the end.

Might film it in PoD or a friends home where we have a shoe stand or a corridor where we can place the object!

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