SeQuence- Final Project

For my final project, I will be creating an object for the facilitation specific meetings using simple turn based functionality, utilizing leds to show who turn it will be next. This produce, which I am calling SeQuence, will be a table top device in the form of the capital letter Q, 3d printed from acrylic. My idea came when Becky told me about her experience as a child with the monopoly “Playmaster”.

For my video, I am thinking that we will start out with a tracking shot of a group of people talking amongst themselves walking down a hallway, from camera left to camera right. Then we will cut to the last person going into the destination, so labeled conference room, and i will place a sign on the glass that says “important creative meeting”. We will then cut to a still close up of a pile of multi colored, round tokens that everyone will be taking one from. We will then cut to us all sitting around the table and me bringing out the SeQuence and placing it in the middle of the table. The room will then get quiet and I will press the button to turn it on and it will prompt the first person to start. We will then go through a sewuence where it will be nearing the end of the persons time and the light on the object will start blinking. At that point the person speaking will start to wrap up, right as the object picks another color for the next person to start.

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