Zai’s Plush Night Light Proposal

The “Ampers’hand” is a night light for small groups of people to stay together in a crowd. As public gatherings and events have had a comeback, getting lost in crowds has also had a larger comeback. Initially thought out as an additional assistive hand for mums with more than two children; I soon realized, music festival go-ers, friend groups, tourists etc could get an extra hand.

I wanted to add a third dimension to an ‘alphabet’ or a sign or a universal symbol for this project. The ‘&’ happened to spark my thought further adding to the ‘pun’

Does it light up?

Yes, I would like to light it up with a touch sensor so that it blinks every time someone touches the Ampers’hand.

Materials used

Cotton or Linen

Hard padding – Foamboard or Cardboard

Pillow Stuffing

This is a scaled-down prototype, that I later realized couldn’t be turned inside out 🙁

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