Tao Tao’s Arduino Exercises

Arduino, ahoy!

I loved Massimo Banzi’s TED Talk about the global Arduino community, and seeing 13 year olds building all kinds of cool contraptions forced me to believe that I, too, can figure this out. (Despite a deep insecurity that my brain simply does not process anything involving science and circuits.)

Set-up for the blinking lights

Turns out, replicating these circuits is not rocket science. That being said, I realize I’m still a ways from building my own circuits—and need to understand the underlying logic of what’s happening.

I switched computers for the last two exercises, and wasn’t able to set up the Arduino software properly. As a result, I took still photos of the setups, which—were they properly synced with the software—should have resulted in the right outputs.

Breadboard arrangement for pushbutton
Breadboard arrangement for potentiometer