Emma’s Mushroom Plushie

The mushroom plush nightlight is the perfect companion to brave the dark. Feel the warmth and magic glowing through this forest wonder. The mushroom plush can be placed on a bedside table or near the door to guide your way. While the red fabric is opaque, the white dots are made of a more translucent material to allow the nightlight to softly glow through the spots. They’re intentionally placed in clusters so that one side is brighter and the other, with fewer spots, is less bright. Rotate the mushroom depending on where you want the light directed.

For ages 5-99+!

Materials used:
– Red & Beige Felt
– Stuffing
– Thread
– 6 Yellow LEDs connected to a battery pack

Making the first prototype allowed me to experiment with designing a pattern and improving that pattern for the final product. I loved soldering the LEDs. I regret not using a lower resistor but I’m proud of my work. If I had more time, I would explore making the stem a detachable flashlight. I would also add more LEDs and spots.