Harsha’s Plush “In-Orbit” Night Light


Inspired by our solar system, the In-Orbit Night Light takes inspiration from the moon and the earths formation story. It is made for those who would like to feel connected to their loved ones, whether family, or platonic or romantic relationships. Each half is able to take this plush night light apart or bring it back together.

And for those interested, who might not have known about how the moon and earth orbit formed, this is how the story goes:

Before the moon and the earth, there was proto-Earth and the planet Theia. Around 4.5 Billion years ago these two planets collided and a chunk of the earth from the Pacific Ocean region flew off but luckily got caught in the earths orbital ring. While Theia practically melted away during this collision, the orbiting chunk, which we now call “Moon,” stayed in orbiting the Earth. Although the moon is orbiting away slowly from the earth, they still remain connected and pulled by each others forces. This story reminds us of our loved ones who might be distanced away from us but make us feel complete.

5 LED Circuit

Circuit Diagram

Soldering Process

Overall building the circuit went well however, I wish I had better planned the wire lengths. By making them all the same they allowed little stretch when placing in my plush night light.

Making the Plush

Moon Stencil

Earth Stencil

I traced the moons void once I had made the plush with filling to get the most accurate earth stencil



The outcome is one whole plush, or two plushes separately. If I were to do this again, I would try to make the earth chunk a little larger, and also maybe find a higher pile material. I was trying to create diffusion by placing the lights a little behind the earth to give a hair light effect. I did learn a lot about proportions during my first prototype so I am happy overall with the smoothness of the curves and also the colours and softness of the fabric.