LED Arduino Exercises + Halloween Proposals

Video showcasing the LED tutorial:

Video of custom code:


3 thoughts on “LED Arduino Exercises + Halloween Proposals”

  1. The jellyfish umbrella is very dreamy. When night falls, if you can make your feet disappear(use light and some visual mistakes), the effect will be fantastic!

  2. Maybe the hat could have rabbits in it, or it could have a rod (wand) attached to the hat that could then be stretched out to put the hat on someone else, like magic

    I think umbrellas will be cool, cyberpunk games have led rain umbrellas in the umbrella, I don’t know if we can achieve a similar effect

  3. The idea related to the weather is really cool!!! i can imagine the changeable color when people interact with it. You can use some materials that are easy to keep the shape and also light to carry. Love it!!!

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