Emma’s Halloween Shopping List

Maybe it was seeing Harry Potter on Broadway or Taylor Swift’s Reputation Era outfit but I’ve decided I would like to focus on snakes instead of spiders for my halloween costume. I’m going to insert a neopixel strip inside a green tube to create two glowing snakes. But instead of a head of snakes (like Medusa) I’m going to have the heads rest on my two shoulders and their bodies wrap around my torso.

Material Shopping List:
White tubing from Canal Rubber
Black paint to add pattern to the tube/snake body
1 battery pack
1-2 neopixel strips
origami paper for snake head (tutorial)
black corset
retractable fangs
snake pattern tights

Arduino Technique:
I am envisioning the light moving through (up and down) the snake’s body with slow fade between colors. Maybe I can add a button to toggle between settings (blink, select the color)?

Tinkercad Circuit: