Haley’s Jellyfish costume

Why Jellyfish

I selected a jellyfish as the theme for my Halloween costume because I’m captivated by the way they emit a radiant glow beneath the water. The graceful, fluid motions of jellyfish and their mesmerizing luminescence never fail to amaze me. My aim was to replicate the enchanting movement and natural radiance of jellyfish using Arduino programming, and I’m thrilled to say that I successfully achieved my goal.

Photos from the start to the parade!

A significant amount of soldering work for the arms and tentacles of my jellyfish project.

Creating the head components using a chef’s hat, cotton materials, and a transparent tablecloth.

Incorporating the programmed LED strips into the fabric arms and securing their attachment to the head component.

Final looks of the costume itself.

Final final looks of my jellyfish costume on me during the parade!

Family photo 🙂

Circuit diagram


As for the materials, I utilized ruffled lace organza and braided yarns for the arm/tentacle sections, while the head component was constructed from a chef’s hat, cotton, and clear tablecloth.

Arduino code