Jiaqi’s Doctor Strange Costume

  1. Name: Doctor Strange Costume

Why I did this?

Because I like this. I think it’s really COOL!

I think the essence of LED is movement, and the light effect produced by combining with different materials. And the size of the area is also important

I stuck my hand between the handle and the acrylic sheet, hiding wires and circuits and batteries in my sleeve. But there are no pockets in my costume, so I have no place to put my phone.

I learned that acrylic sheets need to be tested for sculpting. Where the wires can’t be soldered, I bend them into a hook shape and hook them together before soldering. The length of the wire and the relative position of each component need to be planed.

If I did it again, I wanted to make the acrylic cleaner, make the handles as transparent as possible, and leave room for battery replacement (because this time I taped the battery case completely to prevent my clothes from interfering).

3. Materials used:

2 12*12 inch acrylic sheet

4 inch bearing

1 m Neopixel RGB strip


Gemma Circuit Board

3D printed handle (PETG)

Battery case and 3 # 7 batteries

Wire, welding wire, hot glue, rubber tube, super glue

4.Circuits and codes

5. Process