Harsha’s Text-Fax Printer

Prototype + Circuit

I am still tracking my Printer– It’s meant to be here by Wednesday, so physical circuit will only be done by then. Meanwhile here’s a sketch I made last week for potential circuit wiring:

I have also done a fair amount of research in understanding how to program the printer but I understand how finicky it can be and I will only be able to test it once it has arrived. I have put the code in this tinkercad file for easier reading: [EDIT: scratch that i figured it out using IFTTT and Adafruit IO, but I am able to now receive messages using a hashtag and able to parse through the message so I took out my tinkercad]

I watched a couple youtube tutorials but this one was most helpful to me:

[EDIT: Except I figured it out with adafruit and so I will revisit this video when i start setting up my printer tonight]

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