Week 11 Homework

For homework this week, please complete the remaining lessons in the Internet of Things Class:

Lesson 4
Lesson 5
Lesson 6

and create the following for your final project (select your idea by Friday):
-Bill of Materials (BOM) (list of components and parts)
-Circuit diagram (You may enjoy using Fritzing for this, since it allows you to add libraries of components unlike Tinkercad Circuits, but a drawing is also acceptable)

Please make a blog post with video or photo evidence of your lesson completion, and your proposed BOM and circuit diagram for your project. Due 5pm Tuesday 11/19.

You may want to work on this in Jingting’s Arduino help session 11/15 3-5 pm in the south classroom.

Week 8 Homework and NYC’s 45th Annual Village Halloween Parade

For homework, please finish building your Halloween costumes. Don’t forget to take photos and video of the process. Post up some progress photos for your homework blog post, due by 10/30 at 8pm.

In class on 10/31, we will get into costume and have a rehearsal for the parade including a small “last looks” critique, and take some photos. Hopefully any necessary last-minute adjustments can be identified during class and completed right after.

In the evening, let’s march in The Village Halloween Parade this year! Fitting that the 2018 theme is “I am a robot!”

#nychalloween #nycostume #halloweenparade

We’ll be departing PoD at 6pm on 10/31.

Those of us who can will take the 1 train from 23rd st/ 7th ave to Canal Street.

If your costume doesn’t fit on the train (I’m looking at you, Tetris blocks!), take a large car service/taxi and meet us at Varick Street and Canal Street.

Once together as a group, we’ll proceed to the parade entrance at Canal Street and 6th Ave.

The parade proceeds up 6th Ave and ends around 16th-18th street. At that point it’s easy to walk the rest of the way back to PoD or go on about your merry evening. We should be done walking by 8-9pm.

Some tips for having the best time possible:
-eat beforehand
-wear comfortable shoes
-prepare for cold weather with thick socks and an underlayer or other way to make your costume warm (gloves, scarf, hat)
-bring a bag, utility belt, etc. and carry some water and extra batteries for your costume.
-practice your dance moves in-costume in front of a mirror

Midterm Dossier due 10/31

In addition to other requirements for the course, a passing grade will require the submission of two project dossiers. For 15-week courses, two project dossiers will be required: One dossier due on week 8 of the course, and one dossier due one week after the last class of the semester.

Each Project Dossier must include:

• A completed Project Dossier Form (find it on dropbox).

• Process images that fit the photography specs for the department.

• Final images that fit the photography specs for the department.

• Any other applicable assets such as pdfs, slideshares, etc.

• Proper citation of all sources.

Delivery: You must put your dossier in the appropriate Products of Design Dropbox dossier folder and send a link via your sva.edu email address (not directly through Dropbox). The email must be addressed to your instructor, with the Director of Operations and the Department Chair on copy by the date specified.

Week 7 Homework

Next week we’ll be having an in-progress critique of your Halloween costumes. Please post some process photos and outstanding todo list items to the blog by 8pm Tuesday 10/23. And don’t forget Jingting’s Arduino working session from 3-5pm 10/23 in the south classroom!

Your mid-semester dossier deadline has been pushed back to 10/31 to accomodate last weekend’s retreat.