Outfit Forecast


 – write use case

 – write narrative of product use

 – document each stage of the process

Prototype Code:

 – create IFTTT recipe (weather to Adafruit feed)

    – @ morning, afternoon and evening

understand weather data received by Adafruit feed

isolate desired data set

    – temperature, precipitation, sunlight

establish wifi connection to arduino

Prototype Display:

create icons

prototype for scale (Chipboard)

    – measure installation space

    – design model

    – assemble model

prototype for illumination (ABS)

    – model icons

    – print icons

    – design LED circuit

    – solder circuit

install prototype

    – connect to scale model?

Final Model:

link data to LED circuit

design final form

    – material?

assemble model


revisit product use case and narrative

collect all documentation

create film

finalize instructables post

Final Project Ideas – Cody

  1. A wearable that pulls online weather data, compares it to user set parameters and indicates when ideal conditions exist (LEDs).
  2. A map of NYC trains that updates in real time to show current train locations.
  3. A nightlight that correlates to bed movement to light intensity, pulse rate or color (or all three).