Wake up hat -Dayoung

Hey guys,

Is it hard to wake up in the class?  Don’t you find yourself keep nodding? Put this W-hat on! This hat can be a answer!

 Step 1: Prepare all the materials

Arduino Uno

Accelerometer sensor

Adafruit Feather 32u4

Small battery

vibrating motor

wires,soldering iron

cap or hat

Step 2:  Mount the  Accelerometer sensor to a small breadboard 

Follow the steps outlined in the Adafruit website:


Step 3 : Attach accelerometer to your arduino

Step 4: Wire vibrating motor to circuit

Step  5: Upload code and test

Step 6: Put it altogether


Final Project-Dayoung Hong

1. peper shaker

Pepper shaker can be a music instrument.

If you make a rhythm during shaking it, it will play music in the same rhythm.

2. hearband or any wearable form to wake you up

If you nod , the hair band will alarm to wake you up

(It could be sound, vibration, lighting)

3. Tissue hodler.

The Tissue holder can inform you about how much tissue left now.

or when you pull the tissue, the music will start and also you can control the speed of music by rotating tissue.

4. Umbrella.

It might be interesting when you open the umbrella, a lot of lighting which is inside the umbrella will turn on.

(I’ll think about other ideas relating to umbrella handle)

5. zipper lighting 

6.eye patch

Class instructions – Dayoung Hong

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Hi i’m Dayoung Hong. I’m from Seoul, Korea. I obtained my BFA in Industrial design from Sookmyung Women’s University in Korea. I have developed my design ability to work in a broad range of design fields including UX/UI, graphic design, package design.

I believe that design created out of love towards human and understanding of human nature will truly move everyone. I’m really looking forward to making real interactive products that can interact with users.