Xylophorest: The Nature Xylophone


Today, more than half of the world’s population resides in cities. As the trend of urbanization continues, the population density of these centers will skyrocket. This means living in smaller spaces and decreased access to nature, leading to detrimental impacts on an individual’s quality of life and health. But here’s some good news: there are opportunities to integrate nature into everyday urban life. That’s where Xylophorest comes in. Continue reading “Xylophorest: The Nature Xylophone”

Evie’s Final Project Outline: Xylophorest


Hi all,

For my final project, I’m exploring how to make a touch-activated xylophone that plays nature sounds (tentative name: Xylophorest). It uses various components by Bare Conductive, a small studio based outside of London (thanks Becky for the recommendation!).

You can read my rough project outline here.

Evie’s Final Brainstorm Ideas + Wifi/Huzzah 🙌🏼

Final Brainstorm Ideas

Hi all, here you’ll find the initial ideas for my final project. Happy to discuss/modify any of these (especially if they are impossible! with limited time & resources).


1/ Rubik’s Cube Disco Ball

Instead of a typical shiny sphere, this disco ball would be a Rubik’s cube. There would be 2-3 lighting settings (strobe vs. continuous vs. fading). And this cube would be controlled by either a remote or my phone. Continue reading “Evie’s Final Brainstorm Ideas + Wifi/Huzzah 🙌🏼”

Bubble Experience Fail? 😰

Team 👻 Group Member Names: John Boran, Evie Cheung, Eugenia Ramos, Yangying Ye


In an Ideal World: An Uplifting, Immersive Bubble Experience

If our project had worked as planned, this motion-sensor bubble machine would be great in multiple settings. It could be used for the following:

+ To bring delight to children at a hospital and be an uplifting reminder against the typical, drab hospital environment Continue reading “Bubble Experience Fail? 😰”

Evie’s Arduino Neopixel 🌈

Hey hey, this neopixel stick is so awesome. Feels like I’m at a mini dance party. I played with the code a little to make only 6 of the lights illuminate. I also changed the colors a bit so that there’s a strips of light pink and blue in the pattern.

Team 👻’s Brainstorm! ✨

Hi everyone,

Our team name is 👻 (thanks Eugenia for the inspo).

For our next project, here are our initial ideas.


1/ Bike Safety Jacket

+ Wearable jacket with conductive zipper that will illuminate when you zip it all the way up.

+ This would utilize the zipper switch with conductive thread that was shown in the previous class last week. (Bonus: combined with Yangying’s glove!)


2/ Interactive Light Up Jenga OR Puzzle

+ Jengaglow: Light up jenga that would be lit as a tower and each individual piece would have its own light. But when you pull a piece out, that individual light would turn off.


+ Glowing puzzle: Light up puzzle with pieces that would light up when you put them together

+ Perhaps both of these would use conductive paint.


3/ The Anti-Sitting Chair Pad

+ This is a pad that you could add on to your chair that you sit in. When you first sit down, the pad starts lit up as green. Over time, the color of the light changes from green to yellow to red. When red, you’ll know that it’s time to get up and go for a walk 🙂

+ The anti-sitting chair pad would use pressure sensors to detect butt contact.


4/ Bubblefy

+ Interactive, motion-sensored bubble machine for doors. So that when it detects someone coming in, it will shoot out a delightful and colorful stream of bubbles. Yay.

+ This would use the PIR motion sensor.