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Do you agree that the common goal of human life is happiness? Here I will explain how to make a furniture that will make your life happier. The key to happiness is appreciating what happened to you every day. This night lamp will help you to end your days full of gratitude and happiness. As you enter into your bed room the sensor catch you and turn on the light. The lamp prevent you from turning off your light until you publish one blog post about something you are grateful for. The lamp has a phone charging station for you to simple place your phone on the lamp that is next to your bed.

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I have learned a lot from this project.

  1. How to read the technology instructions.
  2. Concept of writing codes / use pre-written code.
  3. Discovering IFTTT
  4. Connecting Arduino to internet





Final Project Ideas – Gahee Kang

  1. The recorder that records 5 second before.
  • It constantly records and deletes. However when you press the button it saved what was recorded within the last 5 seconds.
  • Benefit- 1) do not need to hear back to edit or find where you want to go. 2)You don’t need to ask people to repeat again.


2. Closet door that tells you the weather today. 

  • Sensor is connected to a hinge of a closet door. When you open the closet door, voice will tell you the wether today(temperature, sunny or rainy).


3. Lighting teeth

  • A shape of teeth, like what you see in doctors offices. It lights up for 3 minuets. Each part lights up evenly during the 3 minuets.
  • It guides people to brush there teeth evenly. Not concentrated in one spot.


4. LinkedIn Ring

  • A Ring that contains your linkedIn account. When two people bump the rings. It automatically give them connections on the linkedIn.
  • Useful in party or fair for connection.


5. gratitude night light 

  • Why? – One way to be happy is being gratitude. Before I go to sleep, I write things that I felt appreciative of the day in my bed.
  • It is a night light that you put next to your bed. To turn off the light to go to sleep,  you have to write sentences that are appreciating your day on your phone.
  • When you upload you gratitude sentence the light goes off.
  • Maybe – the sentences get printed and become a little book.




Clink is a ring in three different sizes. You can put the ring on a cup and when you do cheers the music change. I used the Adafruit Audio FX Sound Board.



I put musics in the sound board and name them with the given format.

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 2.57.28 PM

This allows me to change music randomly. laser cut a acrylic sheet to make the ring and wraped it with conductive tape. when those rings meet. It starts the music.

The prototype model does not change music when I toast but I want to know if that is possible and how I can make that. Also, I wonder if the ring could have a battery and programed board inside so the real product could be a wireless.

20151104_204004 20151104_204021

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Teardown transformative robot with remote / Gahee Kang


This robot comes with the remote and it transforms into a robot from a car, by flipping up .


The white bar makes the car open like a robot


I can see the engine which is a heart of the robot.


Battery to the remote panel and to the engine.


close up pictures of the board from the robot.


board from the remote. it has the LED and antenna.


Very simple technology materials compare to the volume of the toy