Similar Tutorial #2: DIY 3d camera / viewer with an iPhone – Richard

DIY 3d camera / viewer with an iPhone

This came up in the sidebar in related instructables when I was checking my own. This instructable has some nice features like the tags and a direct link to download the app it mentions on iTunes:
Steremaker – iPhone app on App Store. However the photography could be vastly improved and the steps more explanatory.

Similar Tutorial #1: How to Create a Stereoscopic Image for Crossed Eye Image Viewing – Richard

Nice tutorial creating a cross eyed viewing Stereogram in Photoshop. The screens are exhaustive but helpful and the layout is clear. What is quite nice is the time estimate that the tutorial gives at the beginning.

Instructable: How to make & view 3D Stereograms with your iphone

My draft tutorial:

How to make & view 3D Stereograms with your iphone

Somehow got featured on the instructables home page under the play category and I got a free 1 year pro membership! Any spelling mistakes in my instructable are strategically placed and are in no way by accident…

Book Binding Long-Stitch Technique [Posted by Richard]

This tutorial has background music rather than a voice over, which can be useful if the person watching wants to pause while they complete the step also helps for situations which require no sound, i.e middle of lecture. It was also a relativity clear point of view and wasn’t hand held. Similar to the other video tutorial i posted there is plenty that could be done in terms of cleaning up the aesthetics but all in all it is still a clear description and helpful tutorial.

Tutorial 1: Charging an iPod with a lemon. [Posted by Richard]

This was a tutorial / education video that helped me out a lot in the first project. Although not the most high quality or aesthetically well presented video it does give very clear demonstrations and back up reasoning and justifications. This backup evidence is something I find really helpful and informative and is something I would like to take through into my own tutorial.

Junk-Mail Phone Case/Dock by Richard

Introducing the “ijunk” – the junk mail iphone / ipod dock

“the best thing to happen to iphone since iphone 5”

When an iphone or ipod is docked it activates a junk mail delivery mechanisim. This was a really project with no apparent purpose but gave me the opportunity to use a physical imput to create a digital action in the ardino code and then return a physical output. The physical circuit uses a tip120 transistor which acts as a electronically controlled switch allowing the motor to draw power from an independent power supply. This is important as if the motor were to be connected directly to the arduino it could fry the arduino’s chip. The code i used was a version of the button example featured in the continue reading section of this post. Ideally if I had more time I would have better integrated the iPhone charging into the arduino and have it actually recognized when it was being docked, rather than just using the phones casing to connect the circuit via contacts.

Some of the tutorials and useful sites I found and used are here:

ijunk dock

Junk Mail Phone Dock from Richard Clarkson on Vimeo.

Code: Continue reading “Junk-Mail Phone Case/Dock by Richard”