I started getting very interested in the graffiti installations and throwie LEDs that were used as street art. I wanted to incorporate the idea into something more functional and interactive. I call it the Throwlampthrowpy in which LED throwies are thrown into a lamp shade with a magnetic bottom to light up. The package that the lamp comes inside of is made from craft paper and meant to be ripped apart. On the inside one would find the pieces that are needed to assemble the lamp as well as 16 LEDs to light up the lamp. The instructions on how to build the lamp are also printed on the inside of the packaging.







My Egger

The Egger is a plush toy/pillow that holds a egg yolk/white. The egg yolk lights up when the switch is pressed. This project was put together using Brown,white, and yellow felt that is doubled up and stuffed after sewing. The egg yolk and white fit inside of the egg shell. This plush toy can also be used to educate children at a young age what is inside of an egg.

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Glowing Purse

The Glow Purse is a gorgeously simple idea from designers Kawamura & Ganjavian: a hand bag with micro-LEDs lining the insides that begin to glow when you look for your keys. It’s just a concept, unfortunately, and this idea would really be most successful was some sort of easy, DIY mod, but there is a sort of purity of the fusing between fashion, practicality and technology.

How to Make a Chinese Floating Lantern

This tutorial shows how to make a floating Chinese lantern. I like this tutorial because it has fine black line drawings and technical drawings of specific measurements. This is useful when it comes to building something that needs to be symmetrical on both sides.–chinese-culture

How To Make A PinHole Camera

I really like this tutorial in that its very clear what you need to do to accomplish making a pinhole camera. The fact that its a DIY project with things that can be easily found throughout ones home makes it more appealing. The images are clear and in order from step one all the way through the last step. This is one of my favorite tutorials of all time!

Below is a link that goes into more detail about the steps of this process.