Sock Primate

Sock Monkey/Ape

Using a variety of socks including fuzzy ones to emulate fur. The sock primate will be either a Capuchin, Gorilla or Orangutan.

Fuzzy Socks for Orangutan Fur and Capuchin Cheeks

Has dreadlocks Each dreadlock has a light

Lights wired in parallel to keep voltage even

She had a very in depth tutorial, gonna add some cool eyes

This guy is dedicated and his cadence is a bit funny like the how it’s made guy

Hey I’m Ken and I’m Team Potatoes

Union Park is the Spot

Before we get started, all bean products and beans could be replaced with potatoes. Now that, we’ve got that simple fact out of the way, I like dinosaurs, trains, gems/minerals and comics. I’ve been in New York my whole life and used these influences in my art for forever. I love to sketch and I love to make art in general. I’ve been working on my brand, BRND, for the last 7 years or so and if you want to check it out the site is here. You’ll see a bunch of clothing and you may even find some writing on there. Also feel free to follow me on insta. OK Team Potato Bye Bye now