Kuan: watch dog (working in progress)

Watch dog is a device that can gurd your life in multiple ways. That’s how it works, firstly, you put something on the disc , and whenever anyone trying to take the thing away, it automaticly turn on the watch dog and starting shooting paper balls at that person.img_1073

So for start , i want to use a photo resister as the input device, and i found its hard to use it in the dark , and it’s really delicate.

So i changed it in to a level switch. which is easier to handel .


For the out put part, i use two leds, one toy motor, one toy luncher kit, mutiple gears, one servo motor and multiple resisters.


So, this is what i get so far!


Kuan: Phone buster

This is a project that can prevent people from touching their phone during the work .

that’s how it gonna work :

  1. set time on the computer
  2. put the phone on the input device
  3. if someone remove the phone from the device, the output device will be trigger and shoot a “bullet” .

main parts:

Out put: a nerf gun, a motor and a rubber band

in put: weight sensor, phone holder .

Chicken level

For this assignment, i built an innovative switch, which is a level sensor. this sensor can sense imbalancement and give output under different circumstances.

That’s how  it works: the liquid in plastic ball is salt water, so every time it touches copper tape from above it creats an working circuit and light up the LED.

For the application of this device, the tack driver can install it on the top of the trunk, so it will alert the truck drive when the cargo in the trunk is unevenly distributed which can cause severe consequence during sharp turns.




Kuan:Late night snack part 2

Building on the last time’s project,i sew the “egg white”together and make the yolk pop out. I also add two LEDs in the circuit so it can look like a real fry egg even in the dark night.

I also add a little surprise on the back of the egg so it can be attached  to the wall and cloth,the answer is velcro!

with the help of velcro,whenever the kids need to go to the bathroom at night ,they can take the egg off the wall and attach it to their clothes ,so their hands will be free during the usage of the bathroom.