Cigarette Case


connection components – minus the metal arms – includes one 3v lithium cr 2032 coin cell battery, handmade springs – hand bent from paperclips (thanks becky) – one ¼ inch led plastic holder and one white led


prototype iterations in chipboard


prototype iterations in chipboard, with cigarette drawers


first wooden prototype, laser cut with drawer


first wooden prototype, laser cut with drawer (reverse)


second wooden prototype, laser cut with side slider (cigarette pushed upward)


second wooden prototype, laser cut with side slider (cigarette inward)


second wooden prototype, laser cut with side slider (complete)

Innovative Switch + Button Tests

Innovative Switch – Cigarette Reminder

I worked with a metal cigarette case that utilizes spring-loaded braces to keep the cigarettes in place: when cigarettes run out the metal arm touches the metal interior of the case, lighting up an LED alerting the user that he / she is fresh out of cigarettes. The light will turn off once cigarettes have been loaded back into the case.

IMG_9894 IMG_9895 IMG_9903

I worked with an Arduino Uno / breadboard to test the switches (button, denounce, input pull-up and state change detection). Videos of them in action are uploaded below:

Button Test:

Debounce Test:

Input Pull-Up:

State Change Detection:


TSHIRT + NIGHTLIGHT, I began to think about what the ideal lighting element would be for a constant, all-night glow—something a person could sleep to. I looked to traditional table lighting for inspiration, a recognizable silhouette. Intersecting acrylic and hand-sewn materials resulted in a unique take on traditional night-lighting.

materials: cloth from two t-shirts, six flora pixels, flora board, battery pack and acrylic plastic

processes: sewing, soldering, coding, and lasercutting




Soldered 6 flora pixels together for coding.



The original shirt was too dark to allow the LEDs to shine through, chose white.


Lamp in action. The flora pixels (6) are located in the white shade while the battery runs from the brown base to the flora board.



The battery pack is sewn into the base, I extended the original battery wire so that it would reach the lamp shade.


Tshirt + Nightlight

Originally I wanted to create a body-shaped pillow that would light up / pulsate in the area that the human heart is located, giving it a comforting “life” for the user while sleeping. Instead, I plan on designing a plush, hanging light with fabric repurposed from a Tshirt—a light similar to the white, charging light located on the front of the MacBook Pro, slowly fading in and back out. The design I have in mind is a pod shape connected to a wire or conductive thread ( if other pods are to be attached on the strand )