Prerna’s Plush Light Proposal 🧸

Bear with a big light up heart.
You push the button and the heart lights up <3

Alternate proposal was for a dragon with a light up mouth or hello kitty with light up cheeks or heart but the bear was cuter.

Circuit drawing

half tinkercad circuit

I have bought the fabric.
The majority of the bear’s body will be made using the pink fabric. There will be a heart “cutout” in white fabric above the red leds.

Need to decide if the 7 leds in the shape of the heart is a better idea or if I should I one or two leds and diffuse the light.

Nikon J1 Camera Teardown

The camera appears to be pretty simple from the outside but when the teardown began, there were layers and layers and it just kept going! The camera was launched on September 21, 2011.

Nikon J1 Digital Camera

For a product that was released over a decade ago and has since been discontinued, the camera body was in pretty great condition.

The rule I set in mind was to “follow the screws”.. and there were a lot!

The first few screws were easy, then it started to get complicated as all the parts were connected to each other, sometimes 2-3 layers of parts away.

Something very interesting I noticed was that the metal “loop” for the strap attachment was actually connected to the center-most piece of the structure.

I imagine that the camera was assembled by hand as the parts are very small and numerous that it would be very hard to program a machine to do so.

One thing I loved about the design was that they incorporated the tools used to assemble it, into the physical shape of the parts. The two holes on the top were the only way I was able to view or access the two screws on the bottom. The screwdriver I was using was not able to fit in such a small radius. I assume the manufacturers were using special screwdrivers for the assembly.


  1. Screws (12 kinds, total 75)
  2. Washers
  3. Glass
  4. Brass
  5. Steel
  6. Copper
  7. Plastic
  8. Wires
  9. Springs
  10. Silicone/rubber
  11. Circuit Board
  12. Lithium battery
  13. Black tape

Tools Used:

  1. Screwdriver
  2. Phillips head 0
  3. Phillips head 000
  4. Tweezers


  1. NHHS-3: Flash charge driver
  2. M29W128GH: Parallel NOR Flash Embedded Memory
  3. D78F1013: System control processor, MCU



Lens teardown-

Hi I’m Prerna!

Hello! I’m Prerna Sharma. I was born in Delhi, India- grew up in Doha, Qatar and came to NYC in 2017. I got my BFA in Product Design at Parsons where I also got a minor in Printmaking. I worked at the American Design Club throughout my senior year and after graduating in 2021 and am now back in school at SVA.

I was the student tech at the ceramics lab at Parsons but spent most of my time in the woodshop, specifically on the lathe. During my time at AmDC I worked 3 tradeshow seasons in Atlanta, Vegas and NY and ended up enjoying sales way more than I thought I would!

I love plants, cooking, going to concerts and making cool stuff. I just got a new electric scooter and am learning how to navigate nyc bike lanes without dying everyday… its harder than I thought it would be.

Anyway, I’m excited for my next 2 years back at school! 🙂

Instagram: @prerna.designs

(How to say my name: Prayer-na)