Remote of Telecontrol Racing Car Teardown


Here’s a video of my teardown experience!

My teardown process


  1. Antennae
  2. Joint Arm: Plastic Injection
  3. Button Pads: Plastic Injection
  4. Screws: Medal cross round head
  5. Plastic Shell: Plastic Injection
  6. Battery Case Cover: Plastic Injection
  7. Botton: Rubber (RC-706C)
  8. LED
  9. Chip:3F1114285 on RC-903T PCB
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👋 Hi! I’m Wen!

That’s ME!

Hi! I’m Wen, it is so exited to join the PoD family in 2019. I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Business Management from Staffordshire University. With the business background, my designs are very business oriented, with a greater focus on current social issues.

ABox-A new solution to HIV medication
Goldberg Run – A “STEAM’ Toy Design

 In the future, I hope I can still use my business specialty and professional design skills learned at SVA to make a positive social impact and contribute to improving this world. Moreover, I would also like to utilize the rapid technology progress occurring in my generation technology in my future design, as I did in the STEAM toy design. I had blended AR and social connection technology to integrate online and offline and bring people closer to one another.