Remote of Telecontrol Racing Car Teardown


Here’s a video of my teardown experience!

My teardown process


  1. Antennae
  2. Joint Arm: Plastic Injection
  3. Button Pads: Plastic Injection
  4. Screws: Medal cross round head
  5. Plastic Shell: Plastic Injection
  6. Battery Case Cover: Plastic Injection
  7. Botton: Rubber (RC-706C)
  8. LED
  9. Chip:3F1114285 on RC-903T PCB

Design Element of Interest

Before opening this controller up, it seemed very complicated to me, but it was surprising that the inside turned out very simple. Only a little PCB is able to manage the whole mechanism.

One thing i found very interesting was even though the PCB is very thin, both sides have their own responsibilities, so there are different wires with different colors to distinguish between each other. In this case, red wires are in charge of input, such as button motion and electricity, while white wire is responsible for output (signal).

But this experience only gave me a basic understanding of PCB, I wish in the future, I can truly understand the mechanism of different components and create my own prototypes that can function.

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  1. Great! I am curious about what is antennae made of and why it needs to be that long for function.

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