Step 1: Open clock

Open the clock by removing the screws from the bottom of clock.

There are four screws in the bottom. And I am moving out the cover of the screen.

Step 2: Remove control panel

Next I had to remove the control panel including alarm, radio and buzzer. Two screws were needed to be removed in order to separate the cover. And the IC board was showing up.

Step 3: Separating IC board and cover

Remove the bottom cover.

There was two screws that I needed to take off for spilting IC board and the mounting plate.

The speaker was glue together with cover. Also, the radio glued with IC board. Therefore, two of them can be removed.


  1. Radio
  2. electrolytic capacitors
  3. speaker
  4. LM8560 4T6
  5. SONY CXA1019S
  6. Control Button
  7. LED screen
  8. IF Transformer
  9. Ceramic Filter
  10. Tuning Coil
  11. stronge magnet

Materials and Tools Information

1.Outside body parts of clock: Plastic

2.Front/Back/Top Wheels: Rubber, plastic

3.Screws: steel

4.Circuit board: Epoxy resin, copper foil

A Screwdriver and my hands were used in this process.

Design Element of Interests

This is my first time to tear down the digital alarm clock. And it’s little different. I noticed is the IC board. The board just look like the city, which is really organized layout and saving space. Also, each part of chip and each piece have clearly function for different purpose. It’s a very interesting thing to be controlled by so many small parts under a sturdy shell.

2 thoughts on “SONY CLOCK TEARDOWN”

  1. I really enjoyed your teardown, I was shocked to see how many parts were in a fairly simple alarm clock.

  2. It is a really complex product and you have to figure out what each part does,your teardown is a very detailed disassembly process.

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