RCA Alarm Clock Tear Down

All components of the RCA Alarm clock
Components on the PCB’s

Components :

  1. Back cover ( Injection molded, Plastic )
  2. Front cover ( Injection molded, Plastic )
  3. Tinted Display Window
  4. Battery Cover
  5. Hour, Minute and snooze buttons ( Injection molded, plastic )
  6. On and Off switch ( Injection molded, Plastic )
  7. A02080 Main PCB and A02080 KEY PCB
  8. 13 Machine screws
  9. Control Buttons
  10. PCB Connector
  11. 10 Micro farad capacitor
  12. Crystal Oscillator
  13. Couldn’t Identify what that part is

Design Elements and why ?

The RCA Alarm clock was easy to tear down because of its simplicity. I had fun taking it apart as is it my first time and face a little bit of difficulty in identifying one component and what it does. I found the control buttons on the KEY PCB very fascinating as such small components can do such a big function in your life that is help you snooze the alarm when the alarm goes off at 6 AM LOL!! .