Week 10: Blinky Blinky

WIFI Blinky

WiFi board working



First idea:

Pet door

This is a pet door, if you want to open it, you need to touch this door. When the door feels very comfortable, it will open.

Second idea:

“morning” alarm clock

Every morning your alarm clock is ringing but you turn off the alarm clock in your sleepy sleep, causing you to be late for work. So you need an alarm clock that can wake you up. You can hear the sound, and you can feel someone waking up you.

Third idea:

Cheers baby pen

When you finish your work project, you need to celebrate in time. You can touch anything with a pen, and the pen will say: “cheers baby”

Yellow Patrick Star



This is a Patrick star. It is lively and cheerful and likes to talk to children. What it is best at is to bring light to the dark girl in the dark. This way the girl will no longer be afraid of the night or walk alone on the night.


This idea comes from my childhood. I have seen too many movies when I was young. I always feel that there are bad things in a dark corner at night. So I will be very scared. Especially when I walked alone on the night, I sometimes stopped to relax.

When I was young, my favorite cartoon characters were Patrick Star and Minions. Because I think Patrick Star’s fat and soft will give me a sense of security. Minions color is my favorite color.So I combined them and designed my Yellow Patrick Star.


This is the process of making my toys. I am thinking about the circuit arrangement after making the toy. In the process of making toys, I used a sewing machine.I am not very good at using sewing machines. Because I am afraid of needles. But in the end I still finished with the machine. This is a big challenge and a big step forward for me.



Initial concept sketch of Yellow Patrick Star.




Process photos of circuitry and sewing:






Third week homework

This week, i really enjoy the homework. I tried several ways to write code to write the same effect. Although,  it isn’t work all the time. So interesting~

home 3:

int buttonpin =9;
int buttonpin1 =10;
int ledpin =12;
int buttonState = 0;
int buttonState2 = 0;

void setup() {
pinMode(ledpin, OUTPUT);

void loop() {
buttonState = digitalRead(buttonpin);
buttonState2 = digitalRead(buttonpin1);
if (buttonState == LOW){
}else if(buttonState2 == LOW){