Hi, I’m Clay!

I arrived in New York last week after living in sunny Pittsburgh for the past 5 years. Its fascinating to dive into school while attempting to get acquainted with the vastness of this city. There’s just so many awesome museums and galleries here! Earlier today, I went to the Public Library with a couple classmates to learn about the history of lunches.

Anyway, the photo (above) was taken by my friend Laura, while hiking in Wyoming this summer.

I wrangled the Panther at U Pitt while majoring in Studio Arts and Architectural Studies. Printmaking was my focus and I’ve come to appreciate rigorous making processes (sometimes more than the end result). After graduation I worked at FISHER ARCHitecture, where I had the opportunity to design glass furniture. My experience as an intern opened my eyes to the to possibilities of 3d computer design and digital fabrication. I can’t wait to learn CNC, 3d printing, and laser cutting!

My favorite hobby is photography and I’m a strong supporter of analog/darkroom processes.

Fuji pack-film (above) is my latest obsession, because it works in older Polaroid Automatic Land Cameras. You can see all of my design/artwork/photography on my website: claykippen.com. I also post daily to my flickr and tumblr accounts, which list the different cameras and films that I use.