Zena Verda Pesta

Howdy Everyone!

Currently I reside in Do or Die Bedstuy in a princess room with a cat named Judy! I was raised in southern Kentucky twirling baton for 13 yrs and collecting porcelain dolls. My undergraduate degree is in Ceramics and if you stop by my place for some treats and eats you will notice a eclectic collection of table ware from all ova!

I have a love for cycling as transportation and roller dancing on Wednesday evenings at Crazy Legs Skate Club.  For the past 4 years I taught and ran the Ceramic Department at The Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. During my tenure I indulged in education classes learning a good deal about the history of the New York Public educational system. I wish to use this knowledge and much more gained to work toward a goal of community and educational development through design.

Brighter than a lucky penny!

Inspired by this….

An Installation of 1,036 pieces at Socrates Sculpture Park, Long Island City, New York

And This last video was a collaboration with a friend inspired by my mother and her life long obsession for the Illusion of Luxury!!!!!

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