Project One: Vegan Phone Dock

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The Vegan Iphone Dock:

This is an iphone dock designed specially for vegans. It is based on multi level Kit-set distribution model. The highest level is the Deluxe kit, with comes with everything needed excluding the fruit and crate. The Standard kit requires the user to find, hack or purchase a dog clip, copper wire, galvanized wire, fruit and a crate. There is also a free demo that shows hacker-vegans to make the entire kit from scratch by themselves.

The system works of a fairly well know chemical reaction that causes ions to move when the citric acid comes into contact with the zinc on the galvanized wire. Although sometime the iphone doesn’t indicate that it is charging it actually is, just at a much slower level than is required to switch on the charging indicator. Over time the fruit and wire will need replacing but that is the fun of the kit.

The kit was designed to suit a range of vegans from ‘standard vegans’ to ‘ultra vegans’ who criticize anything that removes natural landscapes and habitats from animals, sometimes this includes conventional electricity systems, thus the v-dock was born.

Coming to Etsy late 2013 starting at $49.90 + shipping.

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by Richard Clarkson

Author: richard clarkson

New York based Designer from New Zealand.

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