This is my new duct tape bike accessory by using Ardunio. I connected a FSR (force sensing resistor), which makes the LED lights light up if it is touched, to the bell of the bike.

Find more about FSR.

This way at night, if the rider needs to ring she will be also more visible. The LED’s are in the center of duct tape roses.

3 thoughts on “Project #2 DUCT TAPE + BIKE ACCESSORY using ARDUINO”

    1. why not run a wire from the battery to the clapper on the bell, another wire from the bell itself to the led and a third wire from the led back to the battery. led lights when clapper strikes bell completing the circuit,

      1. Because this way you can program the lights to blink or be on for a period after the bell is rung, since the pedestrian or driver’s head might not turn at the instant the bell is rung. Also, who wants to run voltage through your bike bell? What if it’s raining or dirty? There are plenty of reasons you might want to use an FSR or button and Arduino.

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