paper-craft terrarium

Hey all,

Here it is, my paper-craft terrarium!

The round terrarium structure is made of paper maché, paper clay, and lots of glue. I laser cut the four pieces pieces that make the viewing box (the top/night sky, two sides, a window) that is inside of the terrarium including the round holes for the LED lights that show through at the top.

A breadboard is attached this piece which is the “night sky” and I coded the lights to fade on in synch with the sun setting. The screen is my iPhone where I uploaded a video of a beach sunset and inserted it into the window of the viewing box.

Finally, I added mini paper dune grass and a tiny wooden fence (my favorite part)! 🙂

Author: cassymichel

I am a grad student in SVA's Products of Design program. I have a background in filmmaking, video editing, and design research/consumer insights. I am excited to work with my hands and make things!