Interactive, Educational, Inspirational!

Below you will find a stop motion animation illustrating my concept for the Magnetic T-shirt/Jacket using Arduino.  I have also shared some of my inspirations for this project.  Spaces and  environments which facilitate participation and learning are of great interest to me, especially ones suited and meant for children.  The combination of electronics and interactions seemed like a great combination to experiment with ideas which would make the classroom more welcoming and promote learning!

Live and Play in environments which are rich in creativity, arts, and inspriation!

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Enjoy the show!

This was a great learning curve for me!  There are 360 still images which make up the stop motion animation.  During this process I made leaps and bounds and learned many new skills! I practiced drawing, my handwriting, learned how to utilize iMovie to make a stop motion and overlay sound, and also learned out to tackle the internet uploading and embedding.  And even though you don’t see it in this post, I programed an Arduino with a magnetic reed switch to light up an LED when it censored the magnet!

Brighter than a lucky penny

Zena Verda Pesta

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