2 thoughts on “World Famous Ants on a Log”

  1. Yay! You got the GIF to work! I love how the “Stuff” appears with OOMPH. I also like how the type and overlaid graphics screams “afternoon fun project for kids”, which is entirely appropriate. I also like the additional safety note on using the knife. ESPECIALLY nice is how you remade the graphics by hand on the PB and marshmallow jars. Super nice.

    Just a couple of suggestions:
    1. Check your spelling and grammar; there are few minor mistakes
    2. If possible, try to take GIF images on a tripod, so the visual sequence doesn’t shift that much. However, at the same time, a bit of shifting is nice because it lends itself to the whole fun food craft atmosphere.
    3. Your splash image should be of the Ants on the Log, so people would be drawn to the project. (Not that the Super Stuff GIF isn’t eye-catching enough!)

    Nice work. I plan on making some this weekend.

  2. Agree with David on the awesomeness. You’ll want to put it in the “Tutorials” category as well. Currently it’s under “Uncategorized”.

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