Pretzel Bites

Interestingly enough, a lot of recipes come in the form of video tutorials or are photo deprived. So, I ended up on instructables itself to find a tutorial that I liked. Here is how to make pretzel bites! I like that the author tries to specify time and dimensions as much as possible – something I forgot to do the first time I wrote my tutorial draft.

3 thoughts on “Pretzel Bites”

  1. Pretzels are my favorite food, so I might have to try and make these. I actually think that your writing is much better in comparison to this tutorial!!! If I had a suggestion though, I noticed there were instances that you could change words so you don’t repeat them in the paragraphs.

  2. I love soft pretzels too! I have a really great recipe for them that’s simpler and super tasty. I’ll give it to you later (it’s an online recipe, but their site is down right now).

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