My ideas.

I had what I thought to be a really cool and exciting idea to make a giant plush arduino with a big plush working LED that would plug into the big aurdiuno and would work. Its seems it was not such an original idea and has not only been done before but done really really well. So I have two new ideas after a brainstorming session:

1. A set of Plush Desktop Speakers, im not sure how the plush would effect the acoustics of the speakers but it could be an interesting project, integrating lights and sound.


2. a plush version of myself, full scale with LED heart or eyes. I have just finished doing a 123D Catch of myself as featured in the image. There are different ways transforming the digital file to a plush version, these include, layers of lasercut felt, a box mesh of felt then upholstered or even use software to turn it into a tessellated form that could be suitable for sewing.

Please comment with your votes and/or ideas!

Author: richard clarkson

New York based Designer from New Zealand.

5 thoughts on “My ideas.”

  1. I’m rooting for the full size Richard. Maybe you could even print the face. LED eyes, a bit creepy.

  2. Full scale plush Richard would be amaz balls, though a lot of work.
    The plush speakers sound awesome, no pun intended. They would especially be awesome if they were wireless bluetooth.

  3. I’m for the full sized Richard. Why have one, when we can have too? I also like the light up New Zealand idea. It can add light to your room, since you said you don’t have a window!

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