Spiral Jetty Wallet

Hey yinz,

The form for my plush nightlight project is inspired by my favorite piece of land sculpture, Robert Smithson’s Spiral Jetty .

I love Robert Smithson’s work – he’s the real artist’s artist (he can write, draw, sculpt, etc). Not only is his work informed by the context of the site, but each piece is dictated by months of research, observation and documentation. His essay about Spiral Jetty is one of the most interesting and genuine things that I’ve read by any visual artist…

Anyway… enough compliments, this post is about me, me, me!

This sketch shows how I feel about Ugz, our favorite floppy, plush boot. Ah, kind of a one-liner, I’m not so into this idea.

Here I’m onto something – the Spiral Jetty Wallet! What if I make a five-foot long wallet that rolls up like a sleeping bag and LEDs illuminate when credit cards are inserted into the pockets?

I don’t really no the answer, but Im going to try it.

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