Meet Julia Plevin

Hi there,

I’m Julia. I get anxious when people ask where I’m from because I’ve done so much moving around this past decade. I haven’t lived in the same place for more than one year since 2005. I studied History (focused a lot on fashion history) at Dartmouth College, then I lived and worked in Hanoi, Vietnam for two years before moving to San Francisco.


I’m a writer, editor, and storyteller. I wrote a column for VentureBeat about working at a tech startup in San Francisco and have been published in The Atlantic.

I’ve always been interested in the cultural history and what the clothing people wear says about the moment in time.  Like, did you know that the invention of the safety bicycle in the 1890s was the most effective factor in changing women’s attire from big clunky skirts to streamlined bloomers?


I love adventuring and being active. I’m a runner, yogi, climber, and surfer. I hope to make some cool products for some of my favorite activities that incorporate the ethos I believe in.

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