Eliz Ayaydin Class Introduction


Hi! I’m Eliz and I was born and raised in Chicago.  I moved to Nashville for undergraduate studies and recently moved to New York in order to begin my graduate studies at SVA.  After experiencing life in the Midwest and the South, I am thrilled to explore a new lifestyle here on the East Coast.

As for my hobbies, I enjoy traveling and being active.  In the wintertime I love to ski and in the summertime I love to swim and boat.  In addition, I played classical piano for 12 years and identify with the amount of time and dedication I put into my music studies.


I’m looking forward to Making Studio! I have a little bit of experience with making and am eager to learn about all the different types of fabrication tools.  I am especially excited to integrate programming into making things.  This past summer, I took an interest in coding and took part of a computer science class through Udacity, an online service which offers free classes. After this experience, I’m eager to see how different codes can be applied to product design.

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