Lusha Huang


My name is Lusha Huang, I graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts with a BFA in Industrial design this year. I come from Guangzhou, a metropolitan city, which is near to Hongkong,China.

2707401_191439420000_2My hometown night view

I started learning painting since I was little, then I receive formal art education at the middle school affiliated to Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts which have collected some of my works in its gallery. And I have been pursuing both beauty and depth in all of my works.I like my major very much, and it is my intention to add the elements of happiness and warmness to people’s life through my works

I believe as a product-design student, it is very important to expand my own horizon. In fact I was invited to a lot of countries like Singapore, Janpan,  Finland, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Netherland and the US to exchange ideas about design.  And their designs all have their own cultural and regional characteristic.

Nowadays more and more Chinese product-designers are trying to change the situation that products are not just simply “MADE in china”, but actually “CREATED in China”. And I have my own insight about this, about how to combine cultural element with products. As a Chinese, I have been deeply influenced by the local culture, and that’s why a lot of Chinese cultural elements could be seen in my portfolio.

This is a preview of my work as below,


If you interested about more, My portfolio address is

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