Breakfast Motel Art

When I pulled the words “Breakfast” and “Motel Art” I instantly thought of…                        cheesy still-lives, the same faded poster over and over, nostalgia, retro signs, bad carpet, horrendous wallpaper, postcards, pancakes, disposable art, kitsch

At first I thought of creating a gorgeous breakfast inspired bedspread, but this person beat me to it, shucks.

Pancake Quilt.4 -Rsm

Below you’ll find the “Breakfast Motel” spinning postcard display, complete with six custom breakfast themed designs that will capture your experience forever, and even let you share it with others. breakfastmotel

The spinning rack was designed to hold all six cards neatly, it was fabricated out of plywood, and painted a fleshy peach color.

2013-09-05 21.17.24   photo

I designed each postcard using different techniques including collaged clip-art, photoshop filters, and photographing a still-life setup. It was important that I include a variety of styles that you might find hanging in a motel, such as a watery landscape, and black and white photos. Each postcard is equipped with a questionable title that will make you think twice about sending it to someone you care about.

2006-01-06 21.02.33








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