Camouflage Luggage Tags _ Brandon Washington

camouflage luggage tags

This project is about camouflaging medication that people take to suppress their emotional and mental baggage/luggage.

The popularity of abusing pills has put a certain type of stigma on taking pills in public. Even the name and the shape of the pill has become notorious enough that someone might look at a person differently if seen consuming a certain type of pill.

My project is a reaction to this stigma. I created gummy pills that have the feeling or state of mind we want written on them. Turning the pills into candy camouflages the actual pill and the stigma attached to it.


We acquire a lot of baggage traveling through life, and a lot of us use medication to cope with our situations.  If you’re in pain you want to feel numb. If you are feeling a lot of stress or anxiety you want to say fuck it. A little trouble down under or you want to impress a date you want to be a stud. Having trouble focusing and felling dull, you want to become a whiz.




I used pieces cut on the laser cutter to create a candy mold then, used a gummy candy recipe found here and poured the contents into the mold. After a few hours in the refrigerator I had gummy pills.


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