Super hero running headband here I come!

I have big dreams to make a running headband (my take on a superhero mask) to wear this winter that changes color when I change speeds. To do that, I will have to get a lot better at sewing with conductive thread. I resewed my acceleramotor a bunch of times, but still, when I tried it out on the multimeter — something was not right!

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Eventually, I got so frustrated that I took an x-acto knife to the thread. In a moment of NOT sewing zen, I stabbed myself with the x-acto knife. But I found a bandaid and persevered.

In order to practice the acceleramotor and keep my sanity, I decided to practice with alligator clips. I changed the threshold to 1 so that the neopixel that I attached would light up a lot.



I have a lot more practicing to do, but I’m enjoying every step of the Arduino adventure!

3 thoughts on “Super hero running headband here I come!”

  1. Fun project idea! A motion-sensitive running headband will be fun. A few things to consider: are the lights on the headband, and if so can the runner see them? No? Then are they telling others nearby something about the wearer, and how is that information communicated? Or is the headband to alert the superhero of an urgent call, so he/she knows to spring into action? Consider the wearable from the user’s perspective and outline the function of the headband.

  2. Thanks, Becky! After thinking about this more, I thought it might be better to make light up gloves/arm warmers because it would be a more effective accelerameter. I found some at Goodwill (brand new!) but now I’m a little lost and not sure where to take this project. It could be that people can tell when a superhero gets a call because they start to move faster and their gloves change color?

    Alternatively, I’m also interested in sewing a garland with conductive thread but I’m not sure how that would relate to a superhero….what do you think?

  3. One more idea! I was trying to think of a way to use velostat for a yoga mat so it lights up when you do super hero poses, such as superman, and the warrior poses. Could be so cool!

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