Privacy Notifying Plush Light

Last time I had avoided sexual connotations while I was making my awkward privacy device.. But this time it is kind of impossible with these new words: “night light” and “plush”.. Well, Becky told that any project would be possible as soon as they include sewing and lights. But I thought I can make a “love notifying” hanger which receives the data from the movement sensor embedded into the bed and sends this data to the LED containing sweet plush door hanger. On the other hand, is it too crazy?

One thought on “Privacy Notifying Plush Light”

  1. Hey Berk, this project sounds fun and funny, go for it! Although the concept will make most folks giggle, you should take the sensing conundrum quite seriously– how will you sense the movement? How do you tell the difference between a roommate who’s getting it on vs one who just tosses and turns at night?

    What will the door hanger look like, and why? Start to outline your parts list and sketch. Also think about how to present this type of project online– will you need a video to explain it effectively?

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