Flash night light

I change the word cupcake and upcycled to flash light.

I want to simulate the process of igniting the fire.

I will use wool felt and cotton to sew all the things in this project,like the fire ,candle,firebox.  As I have been to North Europe twice, the Nordic like to use wool felt to make things. Because wool felt can bring them warmness.

In the night,  My work ,the wool felt with fire ,can reveal the warmth in the home.  Especially for the children, they can experience this fire process without considering safety issues.

The GIF can show my idea:


And I want to use two motion sensors. One is to simulate the candle strike the firebox. The other detects the shaking motion of the litten candle which can ignite the fire. (As there are two things, I need to use two boards to control the different light, One is flora board, the other is Arduino UMO board)And I want to make the light twinkle just as the real fire.


I only have blue led, I need to buy the red one.

序列 01

Just touch the resistance, the led can be twinkle and twinke.

However, I am wondering that the leds I use can be bright enough though the wool felt? Some expects suggest me can use food preservation kit which is light-conductive to pack the led. Or maybe I need to buy the big and brighter led? I have searched  and ask other experts, is it piranha LED can be as my light?



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