Waiterlite Coaster Proposal

For my final project I want to revise my waiterlite coaster.

The initial concept was designed to alert wait staff when patrons need help getting a bartender’s attention during high traffic times such as happy hour. I would like to revise and build on this concept.

The challenge I face with my current sketch and prototype is that my FSR sensor only works for specific type of glasses. This is because my current sketch is design to recognize the weight a single type of cup. Each time a new cup is placed on the sensor I have to reset the sensor to recognize new thresholds for each new glass.

My next steps will include calibrating an FSR sensor to automatically recognize when a glass is full or empty.  I will attempt to revise my arduino code using motor limits to automatically recognize the upper and lower thresholds that a glass will exert of the coaster.

I also would like learn how to use the CNC machine so that I can cut out a nice coaster made out of wood.  Ideally the coaster will be designed to house and conceal the flora board and the battery pack in single form factor.

Next Steps:

Target Audience

Although the concept is designed to help bartenders to quickly recognize when users need a new drink, they are not the true target audience.  The real challenge is to identify a bar that is not able to meet consumer demand during volume.  Three places I am considering are places with

Sweet Science



Sketch Concepts

Explore ways to create prototype. Buy materials like cork and wood and see which materials are work best.

Author: George Crichlow

About Me: I am a Strategist interested in the relationships between people, culture and technology. My ambition is to create products and services that have commercial and cultural impact.

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  1. Sounds good George! I can’t wait to see your CNC and/or laser-cut parts, as well as your new arduino calibration sketch. please bring these things to class.

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