Tide Clock Progress

I have been working hard on my Tide Clock.  I have been making progress and throughout the process some things have changed since my original post.  Initially, I planned on using a water pump and a solenoid valve to pump and drain water between the two chambers of my clock. After purchasing a water pump and experimenting with it I decided that the noise and size of the pump, in addition to a valve, were much too loud and large for what I want to achieve. The experimentation process with the pump was frustrating, but it was worth it because it lead me in the direction of water displacement!

My new plan is to use a large volume to displace the water from a back hidden chamber to a front visible chamber.  I made a quick prototype to test my new plan.  I simply created a divide between the front and back of a container of water and lowered and lifted a volume into the back section.  With very little water overall, I was able to cause the water level in the front section to rise and fall:Top-1030867Top-1030870Top-1030869Top-1030868

I then sketched out how this would work in a circular form:TideDisplacement

I created a more detailed prototype to test out the size and shape of the volume that will be causing the displacement:Top-1030874

It works really well!  I am going to use a stepper motor to move the volume.  It will be mounted above the water line and attached to gears that turn the volume.TideGears

Here is a side view:SideView

My next step is to work on the electronics.  I am going to control the stepper motor using Arduino.  I will calculate how many steps it takes to get through a full cycle from high to low tide.  I started by assembling my Real Time Clock.  I will have more detailed instructions of this in my step-by-step tutorial .  Here is a preview:TideClock-7635TideClock-7639TideClock-7641

I am now in the process of getting the stepper motor up and running.  I have it wired it up but I haven’t successfully managed to get it running.  TideClock-7642TideClock-7646TideClock-7647

I will keep you all posted on my progress.

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