Eden’s 3 Plush Night Light Ideas

Here are my three ideas:


1. Soft Power Tools: When I first learned how to use woodshop tools I was terrified. But soon after learning the machines, they became my best friends. I would like to share the happiness of power tools with others with the concept of hard, scary objects turned soft. Now children can play with power tools. In a softer safer way.

2. Breathing Guts: I want to make plush guts that are wearable. You can see the lungs breath, the bacteria in your stomach move and your heart beat. I was born with weak lungs and have a history of pneumonia, bronchitis and asthma. My stomach is also pretty messed up from the bottles of antibiotics I would have to down and the unhealthy foods I consume.

3. Wearable lights: I’m afraid of the dark because I’ve been scarred as a child from The Shining. I’ve done my best to block the movie from my memory, but I always get chills when I’m alone or in hotel hallways or empty play grounds…etc. Thinking of ways to wear long loops of light might help that fear go away.

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