Fight the Darkness. Plush Night Light Sketches by Jon Lung

Being afraid of the dark as a child, I focused my plush night light designs on dispelling that fear.

Sentry Robot Buddy:

Robot Small

This little robot sentry will guard your bedside while you sleep, as well as accompany you to late night kitchen trips and bathroom runs. When sitting at your bed side his glowing eye will scan and protect your room from unwanted visitors. While on the move, his top hatch opens up revealing several glowing spare energy tubes that can be removed and thrown down a dark hall way to light a path.


Bee Small

This abnormally large, glowing bee on a leash will keep the darkness, among other things, at bay. With it’s several foot long leash your attack bee can be deployed to a large area. In addition to scouting those dark areas beyond the door way, Attack Bee (as it’s name suggests), has offensive capabilities to stop fools in their tracks.

Guardian Cat:

Cat Small

More laid back when it’s robot and bee counterparts, Guardian Cat provides a more passive form of darkness dispersion. It’s eyes, tale and paw tips glow, along with it’s underbelly. Adjusting the amount of light simply a matter of asking Cat to “roll over”. In addition to guarding from the foot of the bed “GC”, a nick name given to it by Attack Bee, sits comfortable around you neck, shoulders, head, as well as keyboards, or any space you are trying to do work in.

Happy Hunting,

Jon Lung

One thought on “Fight the Darkness. Plush Night Light Sketches by Jon Lung”

  1. Your first two sketches look like they could have the same user/owner, but the Guardian Cat doesn’t seem to fit the theme with the rest. Who is your toy designed for, more specifically than just “someone afraid of the dark?” What is that person/character afraid of in the dark? In terms of your first plush, the cat seems the most straightforward to construct, and your sketch shows a clear direction for the light diffusion.

    In class you made a plush molotov cocktail and you showed an interest in pursuing that further, will you make a new post about it?

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